Oct 02

Assign a Coordinator for DIY Wedding Volunteers

Should I Use Your Creativity?

When DIY wedding plans are being made, all of your close friends and many family members want to have an active role in preparing for the big day.  You will have some people who have real skills and experiences you can benefit from, while there will be others who are right in the middle of the planning and preparation who are just interjecting their opinions on what you should do, but you don’t really value those opinions.  You will have those who want to receive assignments to complete, and others who want to take over the planning and preparations.  But, have you ever heard the saying “there are too many cooks in the kitchen?”


Coordinate, Plan, Execute

If the bride chooses to extend an invitation to all of the invited guests to help with the DIY wedding decorating, be sure to appoint a coordinator to organize all of the volunteers and assignments that must be completed.  The bride should select someone to coordinate the hundreds of tasks that must be completed in preparation for that special day.  Otherwise, there will be mass chaos as individuals try to figure out what to do next.  Assign someone who is well organized and who knows what the bride’s desires and expectations are for her special day.  In a DIY wedding situation, those extra hands can really come in handy.



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