Aug 25

DIY Flowers for the Wedding are an Economical, Easy and Elegant Option


At the end of June, a member of the Custom Flowers and Weddings family had the most beautiful DIY wedding ever!  The flowers for the wedding were beautiful: they were elegant, easy to make, and at a very reasonable price.  The comparison in the prices of these artificial flowers for the wedding and live flowers for the wedding weren’t even in the same ball park. But, some individuals had to actually touch the flowers for the wedding to be sure if they were live flowers or not.  Our DIY Diva did an excellent job on each of the DIY projects, and we had a ball decorating the wedding venue with them.  You can view many of those DIY projects in Custom Flowers and Weddings’ new DIY project gallery.




DIY projects may take a little time and effort, but can save you hundreds of dollars on your flowers for the wedding.

If you want to learn how to make some of these beautiful and economical DIY projects, watch for our upcoming step by step instructional blogs, send us questions, or contact our site if you are interested in having our DIY Diva make elegant and economical flowers for your wedding or special occasion.



We would love to have your feedback and hear your comments on our DIY projects!

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  1. Silk Wedding Flowers

    I made my own flowers for my wedding, and they turned out beautiful! Its really not as hard as you may think.

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