DIY Flowers

We offer some great D-I-Y ideas that could cut your wedding flower budget even more yet not sacrifice the beauty, elegance and custom designed look of your wedding!

This is the right place to find the most beautiful custom wedding flower,  bouquet and centerpiece ideas for the do-it-yourselfer to craft for your special day!

Every bride has the privilege to make her wedding an elegant and unforgettable occasion with custom flowers, and the right accessories no matter how large or small the budget is you are working with.  The average wedding costs approximately $26,501 but many brides-to-be must plan their weddings within a more restrictive budget, but that is no reason for your day to lack the elegance you so richly deserve.  Although custom fresh flowers add a certain beauty to the wedding décor at an average cost of $1426 for a small wedding, we do have vendors who custom design silk bouquets at a steal that only the touch can reveal the difference!

If time does not allow for you to craft the DIY flowers, bouquets and centerpieces, our unique coterie of vendors is available to help you achieve a stress free, elegant wedding with beautiful custom flowers and bouquets. . .and on a budget!


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