Jul 17

“Invitations for the Wedding” Blog Spurs Etiquette Questions


We recently released a blog about invitations for the wedding that has led to a number of questions coming forth from couples who are preparing for their special day.  Based on these inquiries, we are going to release a series of blogs that pertain to invitation etiquette as well as less traditional aspects that now must be considered when buying invitations for the wedding and mailing them out.


Invitations for the Wedding Wording Etiquette

Some of the less traditional aspects to be considered when selecting invitations for the wedding, and which we will blog about, include:  “Should We Buy Invitations for the Wedding If the Engagement Is Short?” “Is E-mail an Appropriate Option for Sending Out Invitations for the Wedding? “ “What Wording Must Be Included in the Invitations for the Wedding?” “What Do You Say on the Invitations for the Wedding When You Only Have One Parent?”  “What Do You Say on the Invitations for the Wedding When the Bride’s Parents are Divorced or When the Bride Has Stepparents?” “What are the Guidelines for Invitations for the Wedding to a Same Sex Marriage?” “What is the Proper Way to Address Invitations for the Wedding?” “What Do We Do When We Cancel the Wedding After the Invitations for the Wedding Have Already Gone Out?”


Want Help with Your Invitations for the Wedding

These are a few of the topics derived from your questions that we will cover in our series of blogs. Subscribe to Custom Flowers and Weddings’ RSS feed to keep current on important information to help you plan for your perfect wedding day!   We hope we will answer all of your questions about the invitations for the wedding.  But, if we don’t cover your questions, please leave a comment or question for us.  We would love to hear from you.




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