Aug 28

Make a Quick DIY Chair Cover Option for the Wedding


It is unfortunate that even with the best planned weddings, you can be assured something will not go according to the plan.  So, the key to keeping the stress level down for the bride and groom and the invited guests is for the planner or coordinator to make prompt decisions to appease the bride and offer solutions or compromises where they can be made.

Oh No!  No Chair Covers?!?!

For one of our recent DIY (Do -It-Yourself) Weddings, all of the bride’s DIY wedding projects were completed on schedule and the ordered items arrived item by item . . . with the exception of the chair covers.  Oh no!  The room was beautifully decorated, but there was one obvious item missing that would have made the beautiful room even more elegant.  Two days before the wedding it was confirmed that the vendor was not going to get the ordered chair covers to us in time.  So for two days we searched tirelessly for a vendor who could provide the needed number of chair covers, but to no avail.

Wedding Planner to the Rescue

When we couldn’t identify a new chair cover vendor at the last minute, we made a couple of quick options of tulle ribbons or a combination of tulle and flowers  as chair cover options for the bride to consider us making for each chair.  The bride, though disappointed that the original vendor failed to provide the ordered chair covers, was pleased with the tulle and flowers as a chair cover option for the wedding.  She also decided she only wanted those for the head tables where everyone’s attention was focused for the most part.  It was a quick DIY chair cover option, but it added some elegance to the uncovered chairs and calmed the bride’s anxiety.

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