Apr 09

Man-Gagement!!! Is Giving a Ring to Your Man the Marriage Proposal Option For You?

For thousands of years, ladies have waited patiently for their boyfriends to propose marriage to them and place a beautiful ring on her finger to commence the engagement.  But, even though some couples share years together as boyfriend and girlfriend and even talk of marrying someday, some men wait an eternity to pop the question.  We know that waiting for the man to propose is a traditional way and acceptable as far as etiquette goes.  However ladies, if you are tired of waiting for that proposal, why don’t you exercise the option of proposing to your man?  Get on your knee and present him with a man-gagement ring.

Many women have joined in on this increasingly popular trend of beginning the engagement, and many men have happily accepted.  Just remember, like a man may stand the chance of a proposal rejection, the same could happen to you.  Using good judgment and making a good assessment of your relationship –knowing exactly how you feel about each other—can lead to a more confident proposal and a more assured acceptance.

Do you have what it takes to propose to your man?  Is this a viable option for you?  We would love for you to give us some feedback on this topic.

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