Oct 16

Personalized M&Ms Candies Made Simple and Elegant DIY Wedding Favors


Brides to be, Mothers of the Brides to be, Planners of the Brides to be, and other wedding planners all look for the perfect wedding favors to give to each person who attends the wedding reception.

Wedding planning statistics show that most wedding guests prefer edible wedding favors, which come in an unlimited variety of options. Many of the weddings we plan include as many DIY projects as possible in order to keep the costs as low as possible, yet provide an elegant wedding favor for everyone to take with them from the wedding—then later enjoy the treat and a special memory from the wedding ceremony or the reception that followed.  These wedding favors could be home made treats like cookies or jams and jellies, to wedding photos of the bride and groom for guests, to personalized M&Ms candies—like we used at our last wedding.  Personalized M&Ms candies are a perfect selection for providing simple and elegant wedding favors for your wedding guests.  We were amazed to see how many colors and personalization options are available for the M&Ms!  Our bride’s and groom’s faces were even pictured on some of the M&Ms, along with their wedding date, and a couple of other options that were right for us.  You can almost pick whatever you want on them!

For the wedding we helped coordinate in June 2012, the wedding planning team presented a number of options to the bride, which had to be simple and elegant, and within the budget, for her to consider it.  Since the aesthetic appeal and the time required to prepare the favor for the wedding were major factors in this wedding, ordering personalized M&Ms candies about three to four weeks before the wedding, gave us the perfect personalized favors to share with everyone at the wedding.

Simply click on the M&Ms banner to get your personalized order for your special occasion!  See for yourself how quickly they can ship your M&Ms featuring your pictures, special dates, or initials.

Personalized MY M&M'S® Candies

M&Ms offer so many options for personalizing favors for your special occasion.  The color selection is unreal, so whatever your color scheme is, we are sure you can find a M&Ms color to match your scheme.  The favors from our June wedding were in formal attire like the bride and groom, but go to the M&Ms site to buy favors for your next occasion, whether formal or informal.


P. S.  Buy your wedding favor boxes or holders out of season or whenever you see them on sale for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or for other regularly celebrated occasions to save on the cost of the favor.

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