May 15

Selecting Your Wedding Cake


Wedding cakes are one of the main attractions in many wedding receptions.  Wedding cakes are more than something to feast on; wedding cakes have become an essential part of the decorations for your big day.  The decorations are one of the first things guests buzz about, and just how magnificent your wedding cake looks and tastes will leave a lasting impression on your guests.  As you can see in our wedding cake gallery, there are so many different options for wedding cakes as it relates to the look and design of the cake.  There is also a large variety of wedding cake flavors, so choosing the right cake can be a very arduous task.  With a little patience and the quick tips below, selecting the perfect wedding cake should be as easy as walking down the aisle.

Choose the Right Bakeshop

If you have an idea on where the best bakery is in your city, then head to that place immediately.  You can print a cake from our wedding cake gallery, ask for suggestions from your friends or family members, or select a design from the bakeshop.  It would be best to make a reservation at the bakeshop to be sure the baker has adequate time to discuss design and flavor options with you.  Do not procrastinate; you should do this early on in your planning.  Depending on the size of your city, the availability of cake decorators may be restricted.  Be sure to give a detailed description of exactly what you want your cake to be, and give the vendor ample time to prepare.  Approximately six months ahead of your wedding day should be adequate.  You may be required to pay a small deposit to secure your order.

The Right Taste

No matter what design you select for your wedding cake, keep in mind that cakes are made primarily for eating.  They should taste good as well as look good. The texture and flavor of the cake itself is very important.  When scouting for a bakeshop, don’t hesitate to ask for cake samples of the flavor options. If a bakeshop does not allow this, keep shopping around.

Stay Within Your Budget

Simple wedding cakes can easily range from $300 to $1000 or so.  The cost primarily depends on the cake design you select in addition to the cake decorator’s fee, the cake itself and in many instances a delivery and setup fee.  Always determine your budget ahead of time and inquire about all associated fees so you can stay within your predetermined budget.  If the shop offers free delivery service, this will cut down on the cost and provide an edge for a particular bakeshop.  Your selected bakeshop should be able to provide the standard number of servings for each cake type to assist you in determining an adequate number of cakes needed to serve all of your guests.  You will need to know how many guests plan to attend your wedding before the cake order is placed.

Flowers as Wedding Cake Decorations

Flowers have long been a wedding tradition for bouquets and centerpieces. But you can also use flowers to decorate the cakes too. Either fresh flowers or artificial flowers can serve as a beautiful addition to your cakes. But if fresh flowers are used, it is very important that you choose them wisely. Be sure that your fresh flower selection is free from chemicals. Another, more common, flower option for your wedding cake is the use of sugar flowers.  Experienced bakeshops can make sugar flowers that look almost like fresh flowers, but are safer and are usually made from an edible gum paste.

Wedding Cake Placement

Always be mindful of where within the wedding venue you set up the wedding cake display.  It is advisable to find a cool place for displaying your cakes—preferably not outside in the summer heat or in direct sunlight.  Intense heat could melt or damage the cakes’ frosting and wilt any fresh flowers used in decorating your wedding cakes.  Be sure your cake display is properly located to preserve the beauty and taste. It is also recommended that the wedding cake display is not placed near the dance floor or where there is a heavy flow of traffic. You certainly don’t want to risk the chance of someone bumping the cake display and making the cake display fall down. Make sure the table and the display stands are all sturdy at the onset.

Wedding cake shopping can be a fun and hassle-free experience for the bride, the groom and other members of the wedding party. Remember, your wedding cakes should add to the wedding décor and will most likely appear in your wedding photos.  Choose the perfect wedding cake to enhance the overall décor for your special day and leave your guests in awe by the statement your cake makes.

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