Sep 08

Silver Nail Polish: A Great Selection for the Wedding Day

Model is wearing OPI “Your Royal Shine-ness” Polish

Bold and Beautiful

Brides wear all colors of nail polish on their Wedding day.  Some brides select French manicures, soft shades of pink or more natural colors for their wedding day, while other brides select darker more daring colors to include dark blues and even black.  But silver nail polish is a beautiful and elegant option for the wedding day.

Wedding Polish Options

It doesn’t matter if your wedding colors are white or even black, silver nail polish looks like beautiful, elegant shiny pearls on your fingers and toes that pick up the hues from whatever your chosen color selection is.  It matches everything!  My first thought was that it may be a little too showy, but after seeing silver nail polish with the most beautiful traditional gowns as well as darker less traditional wedding dresses, silver nail polish looks soft and elegant—just what you would want for your wedding day.

Your Day to Shine

Silver nail polish is gorgeous and blends in with all color selections.  Do you like silver nail polish for the wedding day color choice?  If you like this silver nail polish for the wedding day, like this blog.  If you don’t like silver nail polish for the wedding day, what color do you prefer?  Leave us a comment; we would love to hear from you.

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