Apr 15

The Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Bouquets are a part of the wedding tradition that are as important to the bride’s special occasion as the bridal gown—especially since the majority of the wedding photos will include both of these items.  The bride’s bouquet should be a beautiful compliment in color, size and style for her special day.  It is said that the wedding bouquet symbolizes the emotions of a blossoming maiden, and many brides select particular flowers based on the flowers’ meanings or based on the bride’s personality.  The top wedding flowers and their meanings include:  the Stephanotis which stands for happiness in marriage; the Rose which means love and being true; and, Tulips which stand for perfect love and the declaration of love.  Other flowers topping the list of popular wedding flowers are Lillies, Orchids, Hyacinth and Daisies.

The Perfect Flowers for the Wedding Bouquet

Here are just a few tips for selecting or making your perfect bouquet:

  • One of the first things to consider when deciding on your perfect bouquet is the style.  Brides, choose a bouquet that fits your personality.  Choose from a variety of styles such as Nosegays, in which flowers are clustered in a round form; Cascade bouquets, which are flowers arranged in a descending or cascading form; Contemporary bouquets, where flowers are arranged with no geometric form; or, something as simple as a Hand-Tied bouquet where the stems of flowers are tied in a simple hand-tied ribbon.


  • Choose a flower that is in season in order to save money.  Flowers that are not in season will tend to cost more and will require more time for locating and shipping, which could use valuable days in the life or beauty of your flowers.


  • Be sure your bouquet is the right size for your physique—not too large.  You certainly don’t want to cover the beauty of your gown with an extra large bouquet.


  • Let your florist or floral designer know exactly what you want.  If you have pictures of your ideal bouquet, provide it for the designer of your perfect bouquet.  It is also a good idea to provide fabric samples to your floral designer so they can match your wedding colors exactly.


  • Be sure the fresh flowers you select will hold up for the entire day and not wilt.  You will be taking photos for hours and you will want to be sure your flowers still look as good as you do.


Floral Specialist or DIY Wedding Bouquets

Please keep in mind that many flowers are seasonal and may not be available at reasonable prices for the date you have selected for your special day.  Our floral specialists can help you make informed decision on specific flower selections and provide you with the most beautiful wedding bouquets, or you can consult our DIY Project Diva at astradholmes@yahoo.com for a less expensive version of your desired wedding bouquets.



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