Jun 26


Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are available for your special day in a large variety of types and styles. Our vendors, such as The Knot, feature hundreds of choices to add a little merriment to what can sometimes be a very serious day of ceremonious events.

Wedding Bubbles as an Option

Providing favors for the wedding guests to shower the bride and groom as they leave their wedding reception gives guests an opportunity to take an active role in the festivities. The use of rice, birdseed or rose petals to shower the bride and groom are old traditional celebratory symbols that many of today’s venues will not allow the use of. Chief among the reasoning behind discouraging these selections is the very costly cleanup of these items at the end of the day. But, using wedding bubbles is a much more practical option for showering the bride and groom. The Knot and other featured vendors offer an array of these wedding bubbles at a very affordable price. Not only do wedding bubbles promote the guests’ interaction, a personalized wedding bubble container can serve as a keepsake; providing memories of the wedding day for years to come.

Looking for Wedding Bubbles?

These are just a few of the numerous wedding favors that are available for your special day. Click here to view a variety of types and styles of wedding bubbles, and a host of other wedding favors that are available for your special day.

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