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Wedding Announcements and Wedding Invitations for Your Special Day

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Wedding announcements are commonly used to share the great news of your wedding, and wedding invitations are used to invite those near and dear to the bride and groom to share your special day with you.  You can find a number of wedding invitations and wedding announcement vendors on this site to view options and place your order today.  The wedding announcement is a way to share your good news with people who are not included on the invitation list, like friends and family who live far away from where the wedding will take place, business associates and other acquaintances. The wedding invitation will provide your guests who you want to attend your wedding with all of the information they will need to plan for attendance, attire, travel if necessary, as well as the theme, tone and formality (or informality) of the big day.  While both the wedding announcements and the wedding invitations let all of your friends and family know about your wedding, the big difference in the wedding announcements and the wedding invitations is that the wedding invitations go out to your invited guests about six to eight weeks prior to the wedding, and the wedding announcements are usually mailed out a day or two after the wedding occurs.

Though there are many traditional options for style and wording for the wedding invitations and the announcements, today’s wedding invitations and wedding announcements can range from much more creative styles and formats, to phone calls for spur of the moment weddings, and even e-mailed styles.  Check our featured vendors to view the unlimited options for paper, typefaces and printing options for your perfect wedding announcements and wedding invitations.

Follow our blogs for upcoming topics to address more specific information about wedding invitations and wedding announcements.  Or, send us your specific questions as they relate to any aspect of your wedding invitations and/or announcements, or any wedding topic to www.customflowersandweddings.com.





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