Jan 04

Is It Time to Walk Down the Aisle?


In recent years, the media has portrayed marriage as a mockery.  Kim Kardashian’s nuptials  to Kris Humphrey’s have been the brunt of jokes and Twitter trending topics.  It has even been said that her 72-day marriage has ruined the sanctity of marriage.
Marriage is a big step and making sure that you both are ready is key to living happily ever after. Can your future spouse answer the question What is Marriage? So before you make all the plans to hear wedding bells, ask yourself and your fiancé the following questions.
1.    Why do you want to get married?
Make sure that you aren’t having to talk yourself or your fiancé into getting married.  Are you truly in love with the person or are you in love with the idea of getting married?  Avoid getting married because of peer pressure.  Marriage should be seen as a natural progression to a relationship, not a mandate.

2.    What is your fiance’s maturity level?
Age is not a prerequisite for maturity level.  Make sure that you and your fiancé understand that marriage is a partnership that requires continuous work.  You should both be ready to build a life together of responsibility, love, and commitment.

3.     How does your fiancé feel about major issues?
You and your fiancé should have discussions about major issues such as raising children, how to handle financial issues, family life, work situations, etc.  No, you won’t have the answer to every issue that may arise during marriage, but talking about many important topics prior to deciding that you want to get married can eliminate potential disagreements later.

4.    Has your relationship been harmonious or tumultuous?
If your relationship has been rocky, getting married is probably not going to make the rough times smoother.  However, if you have had a great relationship and are able to work together, nothing should stop you from getting married.
While answering these questions may help you understand if you are truly ready to get married, they are not the determining factors.  Sometimes you just know you are meant to be!

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